Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we supply and install high speed doors for commercial and industrial use.  Whether you're looking for high quality rapid doors to increase productivity within warehouses or for storage facilities, we're confident that we can help you find the perfect solution.  We work closely with a wide range of industry leading suppliers to ensure maximum quality.  For more information or to book your installation, please get in touch with us today on 01204 402585 or use our simple online contact form!

If you're looking for the ideal commercial door to improve productivity flow in an area of your business premises that undergoes a high volume of traffic on a consistent basis, high speed roller doors are paramount. High speed roller doors are much more effective that standard roller doors in regards to the speed of operation and the functionality. As previously mentioned, high speed roller doors are ideal for commercial and industrial use but they can also be beneficial for the following application and uses:

  • Supermarkets.
  • Storage Units.
  • Food Preparation Areas.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Dust Control.
  • Noise Control.
  • And Much More!
As well as significantly improving access control and productivity, there are various other benefits to selecting high speed doors as opposed to standard roller shutters.  Modern and contemporary high speed doors provide increased security thanks to the rigid construction and how they are manufactured.  Because of the aluminium slats, this makes it more or less impossible for would-be-intruders to force or break an entry.  Furthermore, high speed doors also help cost savings thanks to the speed of operation they open and close.  The increased speed creates a number of cost savings such as the following:

  • Reduced repair costs from potential collisions.
  • Better environmental preservation and lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduced air conditioning and heat costs.

 Sliding & Rolling Doors

Combine fantastic high speed operation with the functionality that meets your requirements. Sliding and rolling high-speed doors.

 Minimal Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is required with high-speed roller doors which is fantastic for busy commercial and industrial organisations.

 Horizontal & Vertical Orientation

Both vertical and horizontal orientation is available to suit business preferences, productivity and aesthetics.

 Power Operated

Power operated high-speed roller doors that are fantastic for energy efficiency for the longer term.

 Highly Secure

Secure and versatile thanks to the rigid construction of the doors that are made with rugged aluminium slats for exterior applicatiions.

What Supplies Do You Use?

Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we work with a number of suppliers including Hormann. Whatever type of brand you're looking for, we have a wide variety of high-quality doors that will serve as the perfect for commercial and industrial use.

Do You Install Across The North West?

Yes.  Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we install High Speed Doors across the North West in Bolton and the surrounding areas.  We also happy to take on large jobs further afield across the country.  As well as installations, we are also happy to offer 24/7 emergency repairs, offering fast response and turnarounds!

Will The Last Technology Be Integrated?

Yes, of course.  Our team offer the best quality products which involve the latest integrated technology.  We have a promise to all our customers to provide the best quality high-speed doors and we're always maintaining and striving to make deals with the latest industry-leading suppliers for the best installations and longevity.

Can High Speed Doors Can Be Custom Set?

Yes, of course.  The average High Speed Doors are set to a custom 3-6 seconds for efficient energy saving and productivity levels.  We can also comply with all specific industry standards in terms of temperature controlled doors that High Speed Doors can work in conjunction with.
When it comes to high speed doors, there are sliding and folding door option to suits your specific business requirements.  Folding high speed doors are a popular option among various industrial organisations that can be installed either indoor out outdoors. Folding high speed doors are fitted with a curtain of safety photocells for closing and a safety photocells for opening as standard. Folding high speed doors are suitable for large dimensions doors with high mechanism resistance.

On the other hand, sliding doors are are another option that can be automatically installed at your business premises. High speed sliding doors are a fantastic option for increasing productivity and reducing cost savings for any type of business. Both options for industrial and commercial use are quality, reliable and manufactured for environmental control. These types of doors are ideal for food manufacturers, warehouses, distribution and vehicle manufacturing.

Areas We Cover:

Bolton | Wigan | Manchester | Warrington | Horwich | Farnworth | Westhoughton | Liverpool | Preston | Burnley | Blackburn | Blackpool | Leigh | Skelmersdale | Bury | Rochdale | Rochdale | St Helens | Tyldesley | Birkenhead | Sale | Oldham | Chorley |

While High Speed Doors are highly durable and manufactured for long term use, they are in constant use and so it is inevitable that faults may start to occur further down the line.  The result of faults with High Speed Doors are extremely costly to corporations and it's important to repair urgently.  Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we provide 24/7 emergency repairs around-the-clock so that we can fully secure and repair your High Speed Doors promptly.  Fast response repairs will ensure that your business preserves quality energy efficiency and eliminates and potential risk of intrusion or burglary.  Common faults with High Speed Doors may include automated settings breaking down or the speed of the doors deteriorating.  Here, we can provide direct repairs or offer servicing & maintenance.
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