UK Doors & Shutters supply and install quality high-speed doors in Preston. We’ve been doing this for several years and have since built a great reputation for both our service and product offering. High-speed doors are quite literally what they say on the tin; they’re doors that open at speed. High-speed doors are primarily used in commercial and industrial environments where they improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of doorways through their combination of high speed, improved sealing, increased visibility, and suitability for high numbers of operating cycles.  

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If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for then it might be a good idea to get in touch with us. We are happy to have a no-obligation chat about your situation and provide a series of solutions. You might have a warehouse, office block, production facility, a combination of these, or something entirely different. We are confident that we can find something suitable for you and your requirements. We work on lots of operation and purpose types including:

  • Supermarkets.
  • Storage Units.
  • Food Preparation Areas.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Dust Control.
  • Noise Control.
  • And Much More!
There are several key benefits to high-speed doors. For one, they provide more opportunities for access control and productivity due to the access point opening and closing quickly regularly. Second, the durability of these doors is phenomenal. They’re manufactured from rigid material so they’re able to perform a function repeatedly and easily. Thirdly, high-speed doors could save you a tonne of money through cost saving in the following ways:

  • Reducing repair costs from potential collisions of people, vehicles, machinery, or products.
  • More people or objects can get in and out, faster.
  • Better environmental preservation and lower maintenance cost all year round. 
  • Reduced air conditioning and heat costs due to insulation benefits.


Due to the latest technology available at our company, we can install both horizontal and vertical doors in orientation. Therefore we cater to all needs, aesthetics, and desires.

 Highly Secure

Most modern high-speed doors have sophisticated security systems making them very safe for business, commercial and industrial use.

 Power Operated

There’s no need for human intervention, your high-speed doors will happily open and close all day long.

Do you work outside of Preston?

Yes, we do. Thanks to the hard work we’ve put in over the years, we’re pleased to have grown our profile and work portfolio UK-wide. We do however have a wonderful presence in Preston which is something we’re very proud of.

What is the main purpose of a high-speed door?

Simply put their main purpose is to open and close quickly which is why they’re often used by businesses or in commercial settings. They also, however, are great security measures that are very practical for speedy movement in a facility.

How fast do high-speed doors open?

Most high-speed doors will open at around one metre per second, however, some high-tech doors will open up to 3 metres per second which is phenomenal. We install lots of doors of this speed in and around Preston.

Why should you choose UK Doors and Shutters Preston?

We believe you should choose us because we are a hard-working, high-quality company with a spectacular reputation in Preston and the surrounding area. We’ve been in business for years and we’re trusted by all who have worked with us which has led to repeat business. Please feel free to get in touch with us should you wish to have a no-obligation discussion.
We have a great selection of high-speed doors but our most popular options are sliding and roller high-speed doors. They’re both in demand for several reasons and both types can have unique features which could suit certain industries and organisation types slightly more than others. Folding high-speed doors are fitted with a curtain of safety photocells for closing and safety photocells for opening as standard.

Folding high-speed doors are available in larger dimensions with high mechanical resistance which can be favored by industrial businesses. Sliding doors as you can imagine are fantastic for high volumes of traffic flooding in and out. Both options are brilliant, professionally installed, and capable of withstanding long periods of functioning.
As well to the initial installation, we also do repairs which can come in handy should you get a fault or problem. Although our high-speed doors are extremely reliable and durable, they can still come across issues over time. For example, a door that’s a few years old may have cosmetic damage or there may be a slight issue with the speed of the mechanism. We have a 24/7 call-out repairs team dedicated to helping you when you need us most.

If you need our repairs team you can contact us in several ways. You can call us on 01204 402 585, send us an enquiry via our contact form or send us a message on our Facebook page. We hope to hear from you soon here at UK Doors and Shutters Preston.
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