UK Doors & Shutters install high speed doors in Wigan and the surrounding areas. The commercial, industrial, and other sectors are just a few of the sectors in which we have installed these types of doors for. This demonstrates that we have a tonne of expertise in our and we’re proud to be a 5-star door installation company.

Fortunately, we have also been able to build a stellar reputation. Our unwavering business values and diligent work ethic are responsible for this. Although there are several reasons why we install high speed doors, increasing operational productivity is the main one.

Installing high-speed doors might aid in boosting the productivity of your company or organisation. This would be best illustrated by a dynamic warehouse that demands continual entry and exit throughout the day. The doors we install allow us to transfer more parts, objects, or goods at once, allowing you to conduct more business at a faster rate without unnecessary disruption.

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UK Doors & Shutters install high speed doors in Wigan for the following types of premises:

  • Supermarkets.
  • Storage Units.
  • Food Preparation Areas.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Dust Control.
  • Noise Control.
  • And Much More!
There are several benefits to installing high speed doors on your land, building, or business. First off, they're now incredibly nicely manufactured, and we've seen them transform the operations of several Wigan businesses. Further benefits include;

  • Decreased repair costs due to possible collisions
  • Better environmental protection and cheaper to maintain
  • Lower expenditures for heating and cooling


By modifying the high speed doors' specifications, you can get the precise performance you need for your operation.

 Minimal Maintenance

The care required for low-maintenance high-speed doors is minimal. You can choose between doors that are landscape or portrait since you can precisely calibrate them as needed.


Despite some people's misconceptions to the contrary, high speed doors are highly energy-efficient.

What areas do you work in?

We have a long history of projects in Wigan and are well-known locally. We are pleased to have founded a business here, and we intend to do so for a very long time.

What makes UK Doors & Shutters a good choice?

We believe that you should choose to work with us because of a variety of factors. In our portfolio, there are many different projects, some of which are fairly straightforward and others of which are really challenging. We are professionals at what we do, and reviews back up our suggestions.

Is a fast roller door required?

This question doesn't have a simple answer; hence a more thorough explanation is required. It depends on your circumstances because high speed roller doors have so many benefits and could be a huge addition to your business. The best line of action, however, is to contact us to discuss your situation to receive tailored advice. 

How do we contact you?

There are several methods to contact UK Doors and Shutters Wigan. Call us at 01204 402585, send us an email via our contact page. Or connect with us on any of the popular social media networks, which we often use.
UK Doors & Shutters are able to install both sliding and roller high speed doors. The type of high speed door most suitable for your business will largely depend on your productivity levels, type of business, and size of your operations. But don’t worry, our experienced team is here to guide you through the process and give you the best advice. Roller high speed doors are particularly useful if you’re looking to drive productivity, whereas sliding doors may be the best option if cost-savings are at the forefront of your priorities.

Did you know that UK Doors & Shutters are also able to provide high speed door repairs in Wigan and the surrounding areas? That’s right, if there’s a technical or mechanical fault with your high speed door, UK Doors & Shutters are here to offer a same-day repair. We are available 24/7 so whether you need us day or night, just give us a call and our local engineers will be there in no time to fix the issue.
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