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Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we supply and install high-quality steel personnel doors in Bolton, Manchester, Wigan and across the North West. Personnel doors are the perfect type of doors that provides a way for people inside a building to escape in the event of a fire. Furthermore, personnel doors are also fantastic for increasing security measures and all doors are manufactured from specifications provided by the customer. With a range of patterns available, you can match your personnel door with the rest of your interior for aesthetic purposes too. Get your FREE quotation today or call us directly on  01204 402585 to discuss your personal requirements with our team!

Personnel doors that we install in Bolton and throughout the North West are incredibly popular for commercial and business properties such as factories, warehouses, off-licences. All personnel doors are designed to be secure as well as convenient. Our team at UK Doors & Shutters have decades of experience successfully fitting personnel doors and as a family business, we are renowned for our level of care, attention to detail and quality installations.

Personnel doors are also commonly installed at:

  • Retail Shops.
  • Schools.
  • Betting Shops.
  • Warehouses.
  • Canteens.
Our steel personnel doors are particularly popular for growing businesses that have multiple employees who require a secure access point. All our steel and metal doors are constructed from the highest quality of steel, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind that your investment is more than worth the cost and that your property is fully secure. The team at UK Doors & Shutters are more than happy to help customers choose the most appropriate door and offer expert, impartial advice.

 Security & Safety

Personnel doors that we install are a fantastic investment for businesses looking to secure access points with hard-wearing and difficult to break through doors.

 Heat Protection

All Personnel doors provide radiant heat protection should a fire break out and they also offer 20dB sound reduction value!

 Colour Options

Personnel doors that we offer are custom-made with a range of colour options available to choose from to suit customer requirements and preferences.

 Bespoke Designs

Bespoke designs available down to individual elements such as colours, types of Personnel doors and construction.

 Rigorously Tested

The security of your business and employees is at the top of our priority list when installing brand new personnel doors. That's why rigorous testing is undertaken before and after installation.

Why Choose Personnel Doors?

Personnel doors are the perfect choice for businesses looking to increase security within their property. These doors are typically made from stainless steel and have heavy-duty hinges, therefore being successful in avoiding significant wear and tear for excessive daily use.

How Quickly Can They Be Fitted?

Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we pride ourselves on offering a fast-response and efficient service. We will start the process as quick as we can possibly can but it will usually take between 2-3 weeks for the manufacturing and installation process to begin.

Are They Made-To-Measure?

Yes.  All Personnel doors are made to measure.  Our engineers and surveyors will arrange a visit to your business so we can get the exact specifications so we can then start the manufacturing process.

Are They Used Internally & Externally?

Yes, we are able to fit personnel doors internally and externally. We offer a range of options with the main three being internal flush steel, external steel and fully louvred steel. All three options are also available in a range of finishes to suit your business.
UK Doors & Shutters make the process of personnel door installation very straightforward and simple. If your business is looking to have personnel doors installed promptly, we would love to hear from you. Initially, we will visit you for an initial site survey where we will take your door specifications so that we can manufacture an exact match and made-to-measure door that fits perfectly. When we visit you, we will also bring a range of brochures with a range of options, styles and colours to choose from. Once you've selected your choice of door, our team will then plan a time and date that suits you best so we begin your installation.

After we've taken the measurements, we can then start the manufacturing process and communicate your specific requests with our range of suppliers. We will then be ready for the installation process where our highly skilled and experienced will make sure that all is working as it should be. Before we leave your property, we will ensure that the mechanics and fire protection features work like clockwork to provide the best possible protection.

As well as providing and delivering high-quality installations, we are also able to provide personnel door repairs in Bolton and throughout the North West for a range of businesses. Although personnel doors are hard-wearing, there many be circumstances where you door needs repairing. This may be as a result of vandalism, graffiti or an attempted break-in. Whatever the reason you require repair, UK Doors & Shutters offer 24/7 emergency repairs so that we can fully secure your property without compromising security. Additionally, we also offer servicing which is a preventative approach to maintain the functionality and full working mode of the doors.
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