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UK Doors & Shutters offers and installs high speed doors in Manchester. We have a good reputation for both our service and our line of products because we have been doing this for a while. Fast-opening is exactly what high-speed doors deliver on their promise. High-speed doors are typically used in commercial and industrial environments where they boost productivity, efficiency, and entrance safety because of their combination of high speed, greater sealing, increased visibility, and suitability for numerous operating cycles.

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If you're not completely sure what you're searching for, it could be a good idea to get in touch with us. We would be happy to talk about your issue with you in a no-obligation session and provide a few solutions. You might have a factory, an office complex, or a warehouse. We are confident that we can find something that suits your requirements and your budget. We work on a range of projects and objectives, including Supermarkets, disposal devices, pharmaceutical companies, dust control, and many more.

High-speed doors have several noteworthy benefits. To begin with, they provide more alternatives for access control and productivity because the access point opens and closes quickly and frequently. These doors are also exceedingly strong. They can easily and repeatedly perform a function since they are composed of sturdy material. Thirdly, you might spend a tonne less money by performing the following using high-speed doors:

  • Minimising the expense of repairs due to collisions involving machinery, objects, or vehicles. 
  • A greater number of people or items can enter and exit more rapidly. 
  • Better environmental safeguards and year-round cost savings on maintenance. 
  • Insulation advantages include reduced costs for heating and cooling.


High speed doors are highly customisable to ensure that they serve your businesses demand, goals, and objectives. Customise the colour, operation, speed, and further preferences.

 Highly Secure

High speed doors are one the most secure types of industrial doors available on today's market. Protect your premises today and have greater control.

 Power Operated

There’s no need for human intervention, your high-speed doors will happily open and close all day long.

What do high-speed doors serve as their primary function?

Simply put, their primary function is to open and close rapidly, which is why businesses or other commercial settings frequently utilise them. However, they are also excellent security measures that make it easy to travel around a building quickly.

Is cost savings a benefit?

Yes, cost savings is a major benefit with high speed doors.They increase productivity, energy efficiency, and time savings for businesses throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas.

What makes UK Doors and Shutters Manchester a good choice?

We think you should pick us because we are a dependable, excellent business with an outstanding reputation in Manchester and the neighbourhood. Since we've been in company for so long and everyone with whom we've dealt has trusted us, we frequently receive repeat business.

Are they easy to maintain?

Once professionally installed, high speed doors are incredibly easy to maintain and in the event that a repair is needed, it's pretty straightforward meaning your business will experience minimal downtime.
We provide a wide range of high-speed doors, but by far the most popular options are sliding and roller high-speed doors. Both are in demand for a few reasons, and they both have distinguishing qualities that might make them more appropriate to specific industries and organisational structures than others. Folding high-speed doors come standard with a curtain of safety photocells for closing and safety photocells for opening. 

Given its larger size and superior mechanical resistance, folding high-speed doors may be preferred by industrial companies. Sliding doors are ideal for spaces with a lot of foot activity coming and leaving, as you might expect. Both options are top-notch, expertly constructed, and able to withstand repeated use.
We perform high speed door repairs in addition to the initial installation, which may be helpful if you encounter a fault or problem. Our high-speed doors are highly durable and dependable, yet issues can sometimes occur. For instance, a door that is a few years old can have visual flaws or a minor speed issue. When you need us the most, our call-out repairs team is on call around-the-clock to help.

There are various ways to get in touch with us if you need our repair staff. You can reach us by phone at 01204 402 585, send us a message on Facebook, or use our contact form to make an inquiry.
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