UK Doors & Shutters install high speed doors in Bury and throughout the North West. We’re a high speed door installation company based in and around Bury and we’ve helped so many people do just this. We are UK Doors and Shutters Bury and we’ve been working on various projects for several years now. It’s been an amazing journey building our business to what it is today but we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved.

We work on lots of commercial, industrial and even some residential projects keeping every single customer happy along the way. Thankfully, our reputation is glowing, particularly in Bury and we feel this is due to the maximum effort we put into every door that’s installed by us.

There are plenty of reasons why getting high speed doors is a great idea, but the main one is to support your operation and enhance performance. In some cases for businesses and organisations, they have to reach certain goals and quotas on a daily basis, so every second counts. A good example of this is a manufacturing facility that produces thousands of items per day.

Each item will be made up of several smaller parts that must be delivered in and out of different areas of the building, all day long. Having doors that open at fast speeds means both people, parts and materials can freely move around with little waiting time or hassle. Thus, more products can be delivered and more money can be made. What’s more is that the products we install are the best on the market. We know just how useful high speed doors can be to a number of different sectors including the likes of:

  • Supermarkets.
  • Storage Units.
  • Food Preparation Areas.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Dust Control.
  • Noise Control.
  • And Much More!
There are so many benefits to having high speed doors in Bury so let’s take you though some of them. First off, they are manufactured extremely well in this day and age. This durable build quality allows for some pretty sophisticated technology that make up parts such as locking systems and material panels.

Another benefit to high speed doors, is as the name suggests, they open and close rather quickly. This means they’re perfect for businesses needing that sort of function on a daily basis. The increased speed creates a number of cost savings such as the following:

  • Reduced costs for repair from potential collisions
  • Improved environmental preservation and lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced air conditioning and heat costs


You can pretty much have the exact design and style of high speed door you want due to the available customisation options. Simply get in touch with us for more information on this.

 Minimal Maintenance

Due to the sophisticated features of a high roller door and durable material, they are very pretty much maintenance-free, other than routine checks that are highly recommended.


High speed doors are very stable, strong, durable and secure so you can put your mind at ease knowing you’re safe.

What areas do you work in?

We have notoriously had a presence in the northwest of England. This is where our business was born and we have continued to service this area proudly. We have a particularly strong hold in Bury however which is we’ve seen a lot of success in the past.

Do I need a high speed roller door?

We would love to say the answer is yes but sometimes the answer is no. We’re an honest and transparent company and sometimes you simply don’t need high speed doors for your operation. The best thing we recommend is for you to get in touch with us and chat about what you’re doing so we can give a more comprehensive answer.

Why should you choose UK Doors & Shutters?

As a business, we have exceptionally high standards that we want to hit on every single project. We have morals and principles that have stuck with us since inception and it’s these we feel have led us to do so well. We are brilliant high speed fitters and the quality of the product we install is simply stunning.

How do we contact you?

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to contact us. There are now several ways to get in touch so please pick one of the following.  Please call us at 01204 402585, send an email to our contact page.
Two of the most popular types of high speed doors are sliding and roller high speed doors. Depending on what type of business or organisation you are in, we would most likely recommend either one of these two types. We also have a varied range of these types with lots of brands, models, colours, designs, and features.

Stereotypically we see a lot of industrial businesses opting for roller high speed doors that be installed both indoors and outdoors. This is because they’re fitted with a curtain of safety photocells for opening and closing as standard. Roller high speed doors are also very tough and are often made in large sizes hence why they’re popular for industrial organisations.

Sliding doors on the other hand are another perfectly good option, particularly for businesses in Bury that has a lot of warehouses, manufacturing units, offices and other building types. They often utilise this option with much success.

Here at UK Doors and Shutters Bury, we also have a fully comprehensive repairs service. As well as installing brand new high speed doors, we also repair them so we’re always there when you need us most. Unfortunately, like anything in life, doors can go wrong or become broken.

You may encounter external damage or some functionality may not be one hundred percent due to age. Our repairs service is a 24/7 service so you can call us any time, any place. If you would like more information on our repair service or you need a repair to your high speed door, then get in touch today at UK Doors & Shutters.
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