High Speed Doors Oldham

UK Doors & Shutters supply and install high quality high speed doors in Oldham to a number of different industries and sectors across the entire UK. We’re specialists in this field and have been in business for nearly a decade, though our teams have a wealth of experience between them stretching far longer.

The company started in and around Oldham so we have a brilliant presence in the area. We’re proud to still carry out a lot of work in Oldham but we’re also grateful to have grown as a direct result of our hard work too. Our work spans many types of projects including the likes of residential, commercial, industrial and more as well. 

Having lots of experience in many areas means we are perfectly placed to chat to you about your projects as there isn’t too much we haven’t seen. Our business is built on family values and despite lots of growth in recent years, these values remain at the core of everything we do. We work hard, install fantastic products and genuinely care about providing a high speed door solution to your problem. 

There are loads of reasons why having high speed doors is a good idea but the main one we see is that they can enhance your operation in terms of increasing output. Here’s a good example of what we mean. A retail business will have lots of warehouses that keep stock. 

Products and people will be travelling in and out of that warehouse hundreds of times a day. By having doors that open at speed, there’s less waiting time therefore more time to be productive. As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’ so high speed doors are a great solution for this for many people, businesses and organisations. 

Other scenarios where high speed doors are useful are in:

  • Supermarkets
  • Storage Units
  • Food Preparation Areas
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Dealing with Dust Control
  • Dealing with Noise Control
  • And Much More too


Let’s touch on some of the benefits of having high speed doors installed. Firstly, they’re very strong, durable and secure so they’re fit for purpose in those respects. The locking systems are very sophisticated and there are further security features and options that you can apply whenever you want to. 

Next is, the actual function of a high speed door is so convenient. If you need to enter and exit a building regularly then having an automated door that does those things at speed is really what you want. It allows for more output to succeed and further rewards will be reaped from that. 

There are so many more benefits but we’ll add finally that they could actually be a good cost saving exercise and here's why: 

  • There’d be reduced repair costs from potential collisions because they’re so reliable
  • Better environmental preservation and lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced air conditioning and heat costs

High Speed Doors Oldham Unique Features

  • We can change and customise the specifications of our high speed doors meaning you get the performance you need and desire for your operation.
  • You don’t need to do much maintenance on high speed doors.
  • Landscape or portrait doors are easily done
  • Security features are plenty with high speed doors
  • High speed doors are way more energy efficient than you probably think

Sliding & Roller High Speed Doors Oldham

We’d love for you to check out our range of sliding and roller high speed doors in Oldham. Over the years we’ve perfected our supply chain and established an excellent group of products. 

We’ve noticed that particular sectors prefer certain high speed door types which makes total sense because they need the door that will make them the most efficient. 

To give you an example, we often see industrial organisations going for folding high speed doors that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They’re actually fitted with a curtain of safety photocells for opening and closing as standard. 

Folding high speed doors are also tough and often made in big sizes hence another reason why they’re popular for industrial organisations. The added security means precious cargo can be protected.

High Speed Doors Repairs Oldham

Being realistic, over the lifetime of a high speed door, you’re more than likely going to come across a fault or something wrong. This is okay though because much like everything in life, it’s difficult to stay perfect 100% of the time. 

Common things you could find are cosmetic damage, faulty speed of the door, broken parts or automation issues. The good news is that we have a repair service that works quite literally 24/7 so you’ll go long without a fixed high speed door. 

You can call us at whatever time you need us. Simply get in touch with us today here at UK Doors & Shutters Oldham for our rapid repairs service.

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