Signs You Need Shop Shutter Repair

When you own a shop, there are hundreds of different tasks and responsibilities involved that can make it a challenging and rewarding prospect all at the same time. 

Aside from keeping the shelves stocked, serving customers and dealing with the supply chain, you also need to lock up at night which involves sorting out your shop shutter properly. In the midst of wanting to get home, you may sometimes miss some clear signs that your shutter needs repairs. 

We have, however, written this blog which will ensure you never miss one of these signs again. 

In this blog we cover the seven signs to look out for:

  • Difficulties in Operation
  • Visible Physical Damages
  • Rust or Corrosion
  • Inconsistencies with Opening and Closing
  • Outdated Technology
  • Loud or Unusual Noises
  • Increased Energy Bills & More!

After exploring these areas, you may still have some questions about shop shutter repairs. If you’d like to speak to us directly, we’d be delighted to help you. 

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Difficulties in Operation

One of the more obvious signs that you need shop shutter repairs is if you face difficulties in operating it. If you find it increasingly challenging to open or close the shutters, it could be due to various issues, such as misalignment, worn-out components, or motor problems. It’s always a good idea to regularly check the function in times where the shop is closed for business because the pressure is off in terms of distractions. 

You can dedicate time to actually checking these things which could have a major impact on the safety and security of your business.

Visible Physical Damage

If you see any dents, scratches, bent slats or other visibly physical damages then it’s a clear indication that repairs are probably necessary now, if not very soon. To keep your shop shutter in optimal condition, it’s recommended that you look after them and keep them in pristine condition. 

This not only improves overall functionality but it also looks better from the customers’ perspective and could entice them into the shop to purchase something. Damages could also lead to further damage making it easier for unauthorised individuals to gain access. If you have any visible physical damage then get in touch with our team here at UK Doors and Shutters and we will be able to arrange for a repair promptly.

Rust or Corrosion

For different reasons, usually weather related, shop shutters can get rust or suffer from corrosion over time. This can happen more frequently in humid areas or places that get lots of rain. Rust basically weakens the structure of the shutters, making them more susceptible to damage. 

Once again, make sure you regularly inspect your shutters for any signs of rust or corrosion, and address the issue promptly with proper cleaning and protective measures. If the issue has gone too far, then seek repairs from a professional team such as us.

Inconsistencies With Opening and Closing

Similarly to the previous point about operational difficulties, if you see inconsistencies with opening and closing then you should call a repair company. When you want to open and close the shop, you need the shutter to be working properly. 

The shop shutters may be closing unevenly or getting stuck at certain points, but these are clear signs that something isn’t right. Don’t compromise your shop’s safety, make sure you speak to our 5-star-rated team to get it sorted.

Outdated Technology

After a while, technology can become outdated and this is also the case with shop shutters. If yours is really old you may consider getting it repaired but we’d also recommend you look at getting a new system in. Modern shutter systems come with advanced features such as remote control operation, automation, and smart security integration. 

Upgrading to newer technology not only enhances the convenience of operating your shutters but also improves the overall security of your business. We will gladly show you our stock list and provide as much information as you need on this too.

Loud or Unusual Noises

Generally speaking, roller shutters shouldn’t make any really loud or unusual noises like squeaking or banging during operation. These are often signs of underlying issues that will need looking at or repairing. 

Common problems associated with loud or unusual noises are things like loose hardware, worn-out components, malfunctioning motors and more. If in doubt, call in a professional team to assess the situation for you.

Increased Energy Bills

If you've noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills, your shop shutters might be contributing to the problem. Inefficient or damaged shutters can compromise the insulation of your premises, leading to increased heating or cooling costs. T

his is the total opposite to what they’re supposed to do because often good shop shutters can actually help with keeping heat in at night in colder months and keeping the shop cool in warmer months. The last thing you want is to be spending more money on energy bills so invest in timely repairs to make sure they’re in good working order.

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