Roller Shutter Servicing For Local School

UK Doors & Shutters recently had the pleasure of servicing 14x electrically operated roller shutters for a local school in Manchester. Although the roller shutters installed at the school were initially installed by another company, the school was looking for increased reliability and annual roller shutter servicing across all shutters. 

The school typed in ''roller shutter servicing Manchester'' and UK Doors & Shutters came up within the top searches. The school gave us a call and we took things from there!

Roller shutters are costly initial investments and just like any other door, they need to be well look after and cared for. Annual servicing ensures for optimal performance and reliability. 

Upon inspection of all 14x shutters located throughout the school, our team of engineers identified a clear fault with the 10th door. It required a safety brake kit and cover. The brake was fitted on the outside of the endplate 1200 between the end plates. Moreover, the 14th door required a 24v push button replacement as the current one was evidently faulty.

Annual roller shutter servicing for schools and other large establishments is imperative as failure to take care of roller shutters can result in costly repair and/or replacements that otherwise could have been avoided.

Why Choose UK Doors & Shutters?

UK Doors & Shutters are based in the North West and are able to provide comprehensive roller shutter servicing for a number of premises and educational establishments. When you choose our company for roller shutter servicing, you are guaranteed a detailed and comprehensive inspection. 

As conducted on the 14x shutters at this local school in Manchester, all servicing includes the following; visual inspection, cleaning, lubrication, alignment checks, safety feature checks, spring tension checks and more.

The exact details of the servicing may vary depending on the type of roller shutters, their usage, and the manufacturer's recommendations.

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