Emergency Roller Shutter Repair Blackpool

Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we are proud to be one of the go-to companies in the North West for emergency roller shutter repairs. One of our most recent call-outs was in Blackpool for Knight Rigging Services. In this case, the customer contacted us immediately as soon as they identified there was an issue regarding the guides. 

The guides had been trapped within the curtain of the shutters which weren't moving, and therefore slowing down operations. Fortunately, the customer recognised this in the evening and we arrived within just 1 hour of the call to ensure the shutter was fully repaired and operational for the next day.
As we always do, our engineers got to work promptly to seek out an immediate solution and repair. 

We managed to cut a section of the guide out which helped us to lift the curtain (which was stuck) and wouldn't move. Next, we put the section of the guide back in place and re-tested the entire functionality of the shutters. And just like that... the door was working as it should! 

If you require an immediate quotation for emergency roller shutter repairs, please get in touch with our 5-star-rated team at UK Doors & Shutters by calling us today at 01204 918991

We provide a 24/7 emergency shutter repair service.

Why Choose UK Doors & Shutters?

This was another successful job complete for another happy customer. From start to finish, we were on the job for as little as 56 minutes. Our team has experienced the issue of jamming and malfunctioning many times, and don't hesitate to be proactive. Although this latest job was completed in Blackpool, UK Doors & Shutters are able to provide our services throughout the North West, and even further afield for larger projects too. We are proud to be a 5-star-rated roller shutter door company.

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Do you require emergency roller shutter repairs? If so, get in touch with us right away at 01204 918991. We have engineers located within your area that can provide an immediate response to minimise business downtime and property safety. If your enquiry isn't an emergency, you can also use our online contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.