Roller Shutter Repair Southport

UK Doors & Shutters have been extremely busy over the last few weeks repairing roller shutters throughout the North West. Our highly-experienced and committed engineers were recently called out for a roller shutter repair in Southport and we arrived within 1 hour and 30 minutes of the call which the customer was extremely happy with. Upon arrival, it was clear to see what the main issues with the roller shutter was and we got to work without hesitation. The motor within the roller shutter had come out of the bracket. This is a common problem with shutters but one we have repaired dozens of times.

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Our engineers had to unbag all the curtain and get the motor back in the bracket. We noticed that when the motor was in action, it was spinning and not reacting as it should for maximum roller shutter operation. We fixed this immediately. Signage had to be taken down in the process but this was all replaced upon completion of the repair. The shutter is now back up and running.

However, our team will back in the neat future to provide a long-term and more sustainable solution that will prevent any further delays to business and minimise downtime. We have already recommended new motors, barrels, and a safety brake kit over the pedestrian entrance.

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