Sliding Roller Shutter Doors

For both commercial and industrial premises, maintaining a high level of security and safety requires the use of sliding roller shutter doors. Retailers who want to better safeguard their properties and lower the likelihood of break-ins can invest in sliding rolling shutters and horizontal sliding concertina security grilles from UK Doors. 

We can provide security services for both residential and commercial properties. Shutters and grilles can prevent break-ins outright, unlike other forms of security like CCTV cameras or alarms that notify you of incidents after they happen. 

Modern shutters have a unique construction that makes it nearly impossible to pull up a lowered shutter. Instead, a shell of interlocking strengthened aluminum surrounds your business' access points.

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Benefits of Sliding Shutter Doors

The benefits of sliding shutter doors include increased security, weather protection, and fire protection.

Check out all benefits of sliding roller shutters below:

Increased Security - Strong metals like steel and aluminum are used to make roller shutter doors. As a result, roller shutters are strong and long lasting, making them the ideal burglar deterrent. Sliding shutters doors can prevent burglars and vandals, from entering, keeping your property safe and secure.

Weather Protection - Your property can be shielded from the elements using roller shutters. You only need to close the shutters when the weather is terrible to feel confident knowing that your property is protected.

Fire Protection - The spread of fires can be slowed down using roller shutters. All sliding roller shutters have a fire protection rating, indicating that they were designed to withstand a fire for a specific period of time which can buy time for the emergency services to arrive.

Insulation - Sliding roller shutters are good for insulation. They can assist keep your business by keeping your premises warm in the winter and cool in the summer in addition to partially blocking out noise. This may also lower your gas and energy costs which is a great sound to any business at the moment with bills soaring through the roof.

Rust and Scratch Protection - In order to avoid rust and scratches, roller shutters frequently have specific coatings. Moreover, you can simply repaint the shutters if you discover any rust or damage to keep utilising them for a very long period.


Customizable - We are aware of the value of your company's brand. Powder coating makes our shutters tougher, more resilient, and less susceptible to corrosion, chips, and scratches. Contact UK Doors & Shutters today to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Light Control - You have a great deal of control over how much light enters the space using roller shutters. The shutters can be fully closed to entirely darken a space, fully opened to completely flood the room with light, or any position in between. You have complete discretion.

Visual Deterrent - Strong shutter doors are the best deterrent against burglars. Roller shutter doors give buildings an appearance that they are impossible to break into, therefore their appearance alone will deter thieves. Even when you are away from your property, you can truly rely on roller shutters to act as your first line of defense.

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