Roller Shutter Servicing

Roller shutters are a valuable addition to homes and businesses, providing security, energy efficiency, and protection from the elements. However, like any mechanical system, roller shutters require regular servicing to ensure they function optimally. 

In this blog, UK Doors & Shutters will explore the importance of roller shutter servicing and why it's crucial for maintaining safety and performance.

Key points we'll cover include;-

  • Safety first
  • Extended lifespan
  • Performance optimisation
  • Energy efficient

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Safety First

Safety is paramount when it comes to roller shutters. These systems can be heavy, and they often have electrical components, which can pose risks if not properly maintained. 

Regular servicing ensures that all safety features, such as emergency stops and photoelectric sensors, are in good working condition. This helps prevent accidents and injuries, especially in a commercial setting where roller shutters are frequently used.

Extended Lifespan

Roller shutters are an investment, and servicing can significantly extend their lifespan. Routine maintenance helps identify and rectify small issues before they become major problems. This saves you money in the long run, as replacing an entire roller shutter system is more expensive than periodic servicing. Roller shutter door servicing is paramount for extending overall lifespan!

Performance Optimisation

Well-maintained roller shutters perform better. They open and close smoothly, which is important for quick access and increased security. Servicing can also address issues like misalignment, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Roller shutter servicing essentially minimises the possibility of business downtime which saves you money in the long-run.


If your roller shutters are used to improve energy efficiency in your home or business, servicing is crucial. A well-maintained system provides better insulation, preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This translates to lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

When Should You Schedule Roller Shutter Servicing?

The frequency of roller shutter servicing depends on how often the shutters are used and the environmental conditions they're exposed to. As a general rule of thumb:

  • For residential roller shutters, consider servicing every 12-24 months.
  • For commercial roller shutters, consider servicing every 6-12 months.
  • In areas with harsh weather conditions, more frequent servicing may be necessary.

Additionally, you should schedule servicing if you notice any of the following:

  • Unusual noises during operation.
  • Slow or jerky movements when opening or closing.
  • Visible damage or signs of wear and tear.
  • Safety features not working correctly.

Roller Shutter Servicing - Key Steps

Visual Inspection: A thorough visual inspection to identify visible damage, wear, and tear.

Cleaning: Removing dirt and debris that may affect the roller shutters' operation.

Lubrication: Applying appropriate lubricants to ensure smooth movement.

Mechanical Check: A check of all mechanical components, including the motor, belts, and chains.

Electrical Inspection: Testing electrical components & safety features to ensure they're in full order.

Alignment and Balance: Adjusting the shutters to ensure they are properly aligned and balanced.

Testing: A full operational test to confirm that the shutters open and close smoothly and that all safety features work as intended.

Recommendations: Any necessary repairs or upgrades are discussed, and you'll receive recommendations for future maintenance.

Why Choose UK Doors & Shutters For Roller Shutter Servicing?

Roller shutter servicing is imperative in order for your business to stay in compliance with the latest regulations, as well as ensure that your roller shutter stays operational for as long as possible with minimal repairs required.

Moreover, well-looked after shutters can also enhance the appearance of your building and serve as welcoming. UK Doors & Shutters are proud to be your 5-star-rated company that are committed to provide roller shutter door servicing throughout the UK.

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