Roller Security Shutter Doors - What Are They?

In this latest blog post, we'll be answering the all-important question, what are roller security shutter doors?
For all kinds of properties, roller shutters are frequently employed as a door to offer a high level of protection. 

Roller security shutter doors are often made of extruded aluminum or galvanised steel, depending on the specifications and bespoke requests from the customer.

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The components of a roller shutter door are horizontal laths that create the curtain, side guides, bottom rail, barrel assembly, and canopy.  After roller security shutter doors are professionally installed by an excellent roller shutter door company just like UK Doors & Shutters, they must be regularly serviced and maintained under EU law. 

The size and thickness of the components utilised will depend on the size (height & breadth) of the opening/roller shutter.

Uses of Roller Shutter Doors

Several varied uses for roller shutters include doors for garages, schools, factories, supermarkets, local shops and warehouses. The type of roller shutter that you require will depend on a few variable factors such as the protection required, size of your business premises, and other factors too. Roller shutters are especially necessary for places that frequently suffer bad, stormy weather since they can shield windows from potential hail damage and offer an additional means of heat insulation.

Below are a couple of different types of Roller Shutter Doors

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Insulated roller shutters are the best option if saving energy and weather protection are crucial to your business. They additionally provide a great level of security and noise insulation.

Warehouses, garages, spray paint booths, storage facilities, factories, automobile ports, and many other types of buildings frequently get in touch with UK Doors & Shutters for insulated roller shutters. Insulated roller shutters form an extremely effective and thick layer of protection to cover windows fully which is excellent for insulation purposes.

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

For locations where a temperature rise rating is necessary, fire-rated roller shutters combine fire integrity and heat protection. These shutters are designed to keep flammable and combustible items out of an entrance on both the inside and the outside. Especially in areas that are used as escape routes, fire-rated roller shutters are heat- and flame-resistant and suited for both commercial and industrial establishments.


Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutters can be found in a wide range of sizes and forms with a high gloss surface to preserve a secure, business-like appearance. Due to their flexibility and high-quality, customizable design, they are best suited for shopping centres and huge industrial buildings. To ensure a high level of security and protection, industrial roller shutters are frequently equipped with additional security systems and locking bolts. These can be installed interior or outside to guard against theft and unauthorized access.

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial and commercial features are used to make commercial roller shutters. To make them resistant to rust and the elements, they are frequently made of galvanised steel. Whilst they can be used at general-purpose properties as well, commercial roller shutters are most recognisable since they are well suited to warehouses and storefronts. 

UK Doors & Shutters regularly install commercial roller shutter doors for supermarkets, shop fronts, and other commercial premises throughout the North Of England.

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