Roller Shutters Northwest

Uk Doors and Shutters are manufacturers and installers of commercial shop roller shutters that can be installed in a wide variety of commercial applications from high street to shopping malls:  from small commercial kiosk shutters, shop window shutters, arcade shutters, roller shutters for business units, pub shutters, bar shutters, counter shutters, etc. Our extensive range of commercial shop shutters provides a great solution for retailers.


Commercial shop roller shutters are made of high quality material, they are robust and heavy duty. Offering exceptional security to your premises whilst giving you the best use of the space as the shutter and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. Commercial roller shutters are tough, resilient to frequent use and have a long life with little maintenance required. 


Our commercial shop roller shutters are made to measure and manufactured to the highest standard using the best quality materials. Roller shutter laths can be perforated or punched to allow ventilation or provide daylight into the premises whilst maintaining the required security. 


Roller shutter curtain is constructed of specially designed concave interlocked galvanized steel from 76mm curved to 102mm flat laths, thicknesses and profiles are chosen according to individual circumstances such as size, wind loading, exposure of location etc. Interlocked steel laths are securely held in place by end locks and heavy duty section bottom rail provides added strength to each door, bottom rail is generally galvanised and roll-formed into a tee section. 


All roller shutter doors in the Northwest operate by either manual lift up, hand chain or electric motors. Roller shutters that are used for smaller openings are typically powered by a 240-volt single phase tubular motor with standard rocker switch controls. Whilst larger shutters are operated using a 400-volt 3 phase geared motor with standard controls of open, close and stop buttons. 


Our commercial shop roller shutters are available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing finishes. To ensure an attractive quality colour finish  - a full range of Polyester powder coat (BS or RAL standard) or plastisol finishes are available.