Roller Shutters Horwich

Roller Shutters Horwich

We are the leading suppliers of roller shutters in Horwich and as a long standing fitter we have been established in and around the area since 2000.

As well as being commercial & domestic Roller Shutter Manufacturers and Roller Shutter Suppliers our experienced team install quality Industrial Security Shutters for Factories in Horwich. This high quality on-site finish is brilliant for Commercial Roller Shutters for buildings in Horwich like shop fronts, schools, medical centers and for domestic home garages

Closing the door on the competition.
Roller shutter doors are suitable for most locations as the specifications available are very adaptable. There are only two types of roller shutters - manually operated roller shutter doors and electrically operated roller shutter doors. The manually operated roller shutters are either self coiling (push up/pull down) or chain driven, both of which are fitted with a helical spring to assist in this operation. The electrically operated roller shutters can be either single phase tube motors or 3 phase/single phase industrial motors.They can be supplied with both manual or electric operation. Full specification sheets, CAD/Technical drawing are available on request.

The tube motors are suitable for locations where the door is only required to open and close a limited number of times a day, for example on shops and garages. These can be operated by a push button, key switch or remote control. The 3 phase/single phase industrial motors, as the name suggests, are more suited to locations where a more robust product is necessary. 

Horwich, Greater Manchester, BL6 

Both electrical operations come supplied with a manual override in the event of a power failure so that the door can still be opened and closed. The main body of the door (the curtain) is made from 75mm curved lath and comes in a range of finishes, 20 or 22swg thickness, solid or perforated and plastisol (22swg) colour coated. There is also the option of having the complete door powder coated in a choice of colours should this be required, please contact us for full information.

As a property owner you must be concerned about the growing rate of vandalism and burglaries and, no doubt, you have often considered more effective protection for your premises - OUR SECURITY PRODUCTS ARE THE ANSWER. Look at our prices on our web pages and decide for yourself. There is no pressure, no pushy salesperson to make up your mind for you.

Roller shutters Horwich

99% of our repairs are completed within one working day. We offer Roller Shutters, in Horwich North West.