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Welcome to UK Doors and Shutters, the absolute experts in roller shutters in Halifax, external doors and more. We’ve been operating in and around the Halifax area for over a decade and are proud to say we’ve received hundreds of positive reviews, comments and social media posts. We believe this is predominantly down to the importance we put on customer service within our work.

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We aim for perfect delivery with every project and ensure we work closely with each client to make their vision come to life. We have a multitude of options for the client with many different designs, makes and models to choose from. Only the best will do and that’s across the board in everything we do from customer service, to installation, to supply chain. 

The standard finish for our roller shutters in Halifax is 22 gauge galvanised steel. All guides, canopies, flags and L rails etcetera are also galvanised steel for a long lasting, effective operation cycle, ensuring the longevity of your roller shutter investment.

The majority of customers prefer to have a coloured/powder coated finish and we offer any RAL or BS4800 colour which are generally more pleasing to the eye. It’s a pleasure to be able to offer such a vast range of finishes, colours and brands to our customers. 

Locking of manual roller shutters is usually by bullet or lath locks. Rocker switches, key switches or popular remote controls operate electrically operated roller shutters. We also offer an insulated 100mm roller shutter lath, ranging from domestic to heavy-duty industrial lath: maximum width 8.0m wide.

Our operatives are not only skilled in the actual installation process, but are also completely knowledgeable in the range of products we have on offer meaning you’ll always get the perfect solution for your building or unit. We consider your budget, needs and risk requirements and formulate several options to suit, leaving no stone unturned.

Having built a great reputation as a Halifax-based company, we exude confidence in what we do, quality in how we do it and high class in customer service. We will go the extra mile that other companies simply won’t and there will be absolutely no question on the shutters and doors’ quality. 

Commercial & Domestic Roller Shutter Fitters in Halifax

Here a few reasons why we're the experts you need:

 Automated Settings Available.

  Installations, Repairs & Servicing.

 24/7 Call-Out Service For Emergencies

We provide a range of roller shutters available to suit your specific needs and requirements including:

  •  Aluminium Shutters

  •  Garage roller doors 

  •  Steel roller shutters.

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Benefits of Roller Shutters Halifax

Enhanced and optimised security - Security is of paramount importance in everything we do; the product, features, installation process all with safety as a priority. Our shutters and doors are extremely solid and durable. 

Outstanding weather protection - Wind, rain, sun or snow, our roller shutters and doors are built to withstand all conditions and last the test of time. Durability is a must. 

Exceptional functionality - As well as being extremely secure, roller shutters are the perfect option for frequent usage.  For example, if you operate within a warehouse with trucks and vehicles frequently departing and arriving, our high-quality roller shutters are an excellent solution to help things flow much more smoother during business hours.

Roller Shutter Repairs Halifax

Did you know that UK Doors & Shutters also provide comprehensive roller shutter repairs in Halifax and surrounding areas? Whatever type of roller shutter needs repairing, we have the best handpicked local engineers in your area that can be at your property within 1-3 hours of your initial call. 

Whether you have detected serious faulty issues with your roller shutter or it simply won't function properly, you can truly rely on our roller shutter repair service. We pride ourselves on a prompt service and offering competitive prices to make it affordable for all businesses.

Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we fully understand that time is money and when there is something wrong with your roller shutter door, this has a direct impact on your peace of mind and properties security. Our local engineers have the expertise to repair all types and sizes of roller shutters throughout the Halifax area.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you or your business, please feel free to get in touch on 01204 402585 or send us an email or message us on social media. Someone will be swiftly in touch to deal with your enquiry. Every enquiry matters to us so we will ensure every single one is answered in the quickest time possible. We also provide roller shutter repairs in Halifax.

Roller Shutters Halifax - FAQs

What advantages can roller shutter installations offer?

Roller shutters have a number of advantages, such as:

  • Security: They act as a powerful physical barrier that keeps intruders out and discourages aspiring intruders.

  • Roller shutters can keep trespassers from looking inside your house or place of business.

  • Light control: By partially or completely closing the shutters, you can change how much natural light enters a space.

  • Roller shutters can aid in noise reduction, resulting in a quieter indoor atmosphere.

  • Weather protection: Roller shutters can shield windows and doors from inclement weather, such as storms, hail, or too much sunshine.

Are roller shutters for both business and residential premises?

Yes, both residential and commercial premises can benefit from roller shutters. Among other purposes, they can be mounted on windows, doors, patio openings, shops, and garages. To fit diverse building kinds and requirements, roller shutters come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Do roller shutters need maintaining?

Roller shutters typically just need minor upkeep. It typically suffices to regularly clean the moving components with mild soap and water and to lubricate them once in a while. Additionally, it is wise to routinely check the shutters for any symptoms of damage or deterioration.

Why are roller shutters great for commercial premises?

Roller shutters offer a variety of different reasons as to why they are perfect for your commercial business. For example; they are able to prevent your business from getting broken into, serving as a visual and protected deterrent; Vandalism protection; Insulation and require minimal maintenance due to their durability.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our roller shutters at UK Doors and Shutters. You can reach us by phone at 01204 402585, by email, or by leaving a message for us on social media. Regardless of the method you select, someone from our staff will get to you as soon as they can. We hope to hear from you very soon!