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Garage Roller Shutter Doors

UK Doors & Shutters Ltd are an approved supplier and installer for a comprehensive range of Automatic, electric & remote control garage doors.

Garage Roller Shutter Door Repairs 

Sectional garage doors are a highly secure, durable and convenient option. They open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling, allowing you to make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage door..

Garage Doors

One of the most visible features to your home is your garage door. It can enhance the appearance of your house. It is important to choose a door that best complements your home and life style.

Garage Doors

We install and repair all leading garage door brands, We also convert manual doors to electric/automatic garage doors.

Ideal for short driveways or those that open directly onto the street, our roller garage doors are perfect for those situations where space is restricted. As they don’t open outwards you can park your car close to the garage door and they don’t use up garage roof space either. Our bespoke roller garage doors will increase the size of your garage opening

Operated by the touch of a button, roller garage doors are ideally suited to the modern family or the elderly. The garage door will rise smoothly on your approach to the driveway and additional lighting helps when exiting the garage.

Fitted with a safety edge, beam and anti-drop braking mechanism, all of our roller garages doors are designed to prevent accidental trapping or injury from a falling door. All garages doors also include a system for automated drive down locking.

Our roller garages doors are available in a great selection of colors, designs and attractive finishes. Warmth is retained and noise reduced by their insulating qualities. We have a garage door to compliment every style of house.

Heavy duty curtain made from insulated aluminium lath with alternate laths double pop riveted using high density, glass fiber, nylon end-locks to prevent lateral movement.

High quality aluminium bottom rail adds strength, rigidity and security.

Rubber weather seal along the bottom keeps out water.

Enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation reduces noise and keeps in heat.

Weatherproof hood made from 20swg galvanized/anodized material. This covers barrel mechanism and curtain from the elements when fixed externally.

Barrel mechanism includes safety brake, crank handle and manual override.

Patented auto locking facility operated via remote control.

Retro-reflective photocell beam and safety edge will auto reverse the door when obstructed for added safety.

Courtesy lights fitted as standard.