Roller Garage Doors Halifax

UK Doors & Shutters provide roller garage doors in Halifax and surrounding areas. We’re a business with a fantastic reputation in Halifax and the surrounding areas - something we’re very proud of. We are UK Doors and Shutters Halifax, the absolute specialists in garage roller shutters. 

We’ve gratefully been in business for over 20 years and have served thousands of customers to help transform their spaces forever. We’ve been at the forefront of the industry for a long time, embracing new technologies along the way and implementing them within our product range, service structure and long term future. It’s this knowledge and obsession with maintaining our presence that keeps us so determined to stay at the top.

Our team place great focus on the quality of our products and as a result they are all fully insulated and constructed from the finest materials with durable panels and a quality finish with extremely good security options. Not to mention, there’s a variety of colours, materials and levels of automation on offer.

As just mentioned we have a set of values as a business that shine through everything we do. The first is customer service. We will always ensure our customer is happy before we leave the site as they’re the number one priority, always. We want to work collaboratively with you to make sure you’re satisfied and the project turns out exactly how you thought it might, and more. Our second value is offering a broad choice. 

We feel this is important for showing customers what you could do so they feel comfort in their finalised choice. Some roller garage doors look particularly good in certain colours, paired with different brick colours and it’s our job to present the options available. We’ve been lucky enough to build a phenomenal supply chain over the years, hence why we’re to give such a good range. Our final value is plain and simply, knowledge. We have an amazingly knowledgeable team who have trained for years, fitted thousands of garage roller shutters between them and therefore have worked with lots of styles and brands too.

To get in touch with us, simply use the contact form or call us directly on 01204 402585  where our friendly customer service advisors will be happy to help. 

Roller Garage Doors Halifax – Using the best brands

As part of our promise to quality, we only work with the best brands. This means spending lots of time doing research on what’s available on the market and only presenting the best quality to you. The standards we expect from our projects are that of the highest calibre so it’s only right to make sure the actual roller doors we install comply. Thanks to the hard work and building connections over the years, our supply chain is now on point. 

The brands we offer to install use the most durable materials, have a broad selection of types and colours, and are able to withstand the test of time in severe weather conditions.

Here are some examples of our recent installations:

Benefits of Roller Garage Doors Halifax

  • Better use of space

Space in and around your home is extremely precious, so why wouldn't you want to use it as efficiently as possible? Having a garage roller door can give you extra safety thus opening up new avenues for how you could use the space. It could become a new room or have a new function all together, giving you peace of mind that it is 100% safe.

  • Weather protection

Over the last few years we’ve seen even more cases of extreme weather conditions which have sadly caused damage to various areas of properties, including the garage. This is why we deem it so important to have a garage door that lasts. Our roller garage doors are strong, durable and made out of long lasting materials to ensure they’re weatherproof from wind, snow, sun, rain and more.

  • Great deterrent

Having a strong looking structure added to the frame of your garage at the front can often act as a deterrent to burglars. With goods such as cars, valuables and furniture often placed in garages, you can never be too careful. Our doors have sophisticated lock systems to ensure an added layer of protection for you and your belongings.

  • Value for money

We are proud to be very competitive on price whilst also offering a top class product and service too. This is an investment, a way of adding more security to your garage. Think of it as for every day your home and garage is kept safe, you’re seeing a return on your investment.

Roller Door Repairs Halifax

Although we swear by the doors we install, there is always the possibility that you may experience some damage or be in need of some repair at some point. For this reason, we offer a fully comprehensive repairs service to get your problem fixed immediately. We would always advise that you get routine maintenance checks of your roller garage door anyway to ensure it’s always in good working order. Outside of this however, we have an emergency repair service in Halifax so that your security is never compromised. You may also require our service for things such as paint touch ups, dent or scratch repairs or part replacements.

Why Work With UK Doors and Shutters?

We are a company that believes in flexibility and choice. We want you as the customer to have a major role in the process. We are here to help you pick what’s right for you, then install the garage roller shutter. We always work in a professional manner and won’t leave the project until the customer is totally satisfied. The variety we have on offer is exceptional too. Shop through a range of sizes, colours, materials, brands, styles, automation levels and more to get precisely what you’d like, never just settle. Some of our key services are outlined below:

  • Expert door fitters and engineering technicians to install your garage door. 

  • Offer excellent value for money.

  • Offer FREE home surveys.

  • Have excellent reviews.

Contact us today – book your home survey!

Be sure to contact us today – book your home survey for free! Call us on 01204 402585 or alternatively, you can use the contact form where we will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope to see you soon here at UK Doors and Shutters Halifax.