How do canopies stand up to extreme weather?

One of the main benefits and purposes of canopies that we install is the fact they can stand up to extreme weather conditions without suffering wear and tear. This is because they are made from G.R.P (Glass Reinforced Polyester) which is the best materials for durability, strength and longevity.

Do I need planning permission?

As a general rule of thumb, canopies do not require planning permission. However, it is worth checking as it depends on your building and location. Although it's unlikely you'll need planning permission, we will confirm this up on site-survey.

What colours are available?

UK Doors & Shutters offer a range of colours including blue, green, yellow, red and green. The colour you select may depend on the type of customer or visitor that you're looking to attract or feel welcomed. We are always happy to further advise on individual elements!

What types of project have you previously completed?

Our canopy fitting team have previously installed hundreds of first-class canopies in Bolton and throughout the North West. We regularly install canopies at schools, nurseries, supermarkets and many other commercial premises.