What types of shopfronts do you manufacture?

UK Doors & Shutters offer bespoke designs to suit your specific requirements and objectives. We are able to design, supply and install with your specifications in mind with options available such as 'frameless glass' or powder coat aluminium. We are big on attention to detail and will discuss all requests in the pre-survey.

How Quickly Can They Be Fitted?

Our team of engineers and fitted will always be as transparent as possible when it comes to fitting times. It depends on our backlog of work at the time but we will always try and fit shop fronts in Bolton and throughout the North West as soon as we can.

What types of glass is used?

We use a variety of different types of glass but all types are durable, tough and manufactured in accordance to specifications given. The type of glass selected for your shop front may depend on a few variable factors such as what glazing is currently in place.

What types of project have you previously completed?

Our shop front fitters have previously successfully installed hundreds of different types of shopfronts. Our work has ranged from installing shop fronts at betting shops, casinos, supermarkets and other high-street stores.