How Do The Doors Work?

Fire Resistant Roller Shutters have a really clever way of working.  They are connected to other fire defences such as alarms and if trigged, the doors will close automatically.  Therefore, this helps to prevent and in some cases stop the spread of fire.

How Quickly Can They Be Fitted?

This may depends on the current supply and capacity.  However, it should take approximately between 2-3 weeks for the manufacturing process to begin.  We will always keep you in the loop so you understand the schedule we are working too.

Are They Made-To-Measure?

Yes.  All Fire Resistant Roller Shutters are made to measure.  Our engineers and surveyors will arrange a visit to your business so we can get the exact specifications so we can then start the manufacturing process.

What Are The Best Fire Shutters?

There is no specific number one fire resistant roller shutter door.  There are a lot of options out there that we can provide for businesses and the preferable choice for you may vary depending on a few factors.