What areas do you work in?

Our business started and grew up in Burnley. We have had some wonderful projects in this area and because of our good work, our remit has expanded to places such as Blackburn, Manchester, Bury, Stockport, Lancaster, and many more too.

Do I need a high speed roller door?

We simply cannot give a straight answer to this question without finding out more detail about your situation and circumstances. Our advice would be for you to get in touch with us as soon as you can and we will take it from there. Our initial consultation would be finding out all this information so we can make a more educated and explained offering.

Why should you choose UK Doors & Shutters?

You should choose to work with us for a whole host of reasons. We are a reputable business that has been in operation for several years. We have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of high speed doors and we have worked in lots of sectors. We’ve got a series of reviews from our previous customers and we love what we do here at UK Doors and Shutters Burnley.

How do we contact you?

You can contact our Burnley team in a series of ways. You can give us a call on 01204 402585. You can send an email via our contact page.