Is Steel The Best Material For Side Hinged Doors?

Generally speaking, steel is the best material for side hinged doors.  If you're looking for maximum security and insulation, steel is the best material that is most used by warehouses, factories and other industrial type businesses.

Will They Be Properly Insulated?

Yes, of course.  Steel Side Hinged Doors are the perfect choice for maximum insulation and when properly fitted by our engineers, they can provide good levels of thermal performance for the years to come.  These type of doors are also very good for heat and sound insulation!

What Manufacturers Do You Uae?

UK Doors & Shutters only use the best Steel Side Hinged Door manufacturers so that we can control the aspect of quality during all installations.  We have been working with a number of industry-leading suppliers for many years now including Hormann.

Will Maintenance Be Required?

The range of Side Hinged Steel Doors we offer is better than ever before.  Even better, it's great to know that you'll be getting fantastic value for money with minimal maintenance required throughout the years. Steel is one of the most hard-wearing materials and provides immense durability and longevity.