How do canopies stand up to extreme weather?

Durability is perhaps something you wouldn’t associate with a canopy however you really should. They’re able to withstand rain, sun, wind, snow and more quite happily. This is because they are made from G.R.P (Glass Reinforced Polyester) which is the best materials for durability, strength and longevity.

What colours are available?

UK Doors & Shutters offer a range of colours in their canopies including blue, green, yellow, red and green. The choice of colour could be dependent on a number of factors including your customer, your branding and more. We’re always happy to advise and help you choose too.

Do I need planning permission?

We can confirm this for you upon a site visit, however we generally speaking do not see many cases where you need it. Each premise can have its complications and local specificities, so it is always good to check this out.

What types of project have you previously completed?

We’ve completed a number of jobs in the local Wigan area as well as all over the North West of England. These projects include schools, restaurants and leisure centres. Each project brings its own challenges and amazing features - so we love them all the same. .