Is Steel The Best Material For Side Hinged Doors?

Although all our doors in all material types are safe and secure, we would suggest steel side hinged doors as the most secure, durable and safe. This is mainly due to the material itself (stainless steel) being tougher to break into and stronger.

What Manufacturers Do You Use?

Over the years we’ve been able to curate an amazing supply chain using some industry leading brands such as Hormann and many more. We use these brands because they hold similar values and views as us in relation to quality and installation processes.

Will They Be Properly Insulated?

Yes, they are indeed.  Steel Side Hinged Doors are an amazing choice for maximum insulation and when properly fitted by our engineers, they can provide top levels of thermal performance. These types of doors are also very good for heat and sound insulation too.

Will Maintenance Be Required?

Our products are absolutely top quality and are extremely reliable. The beauty of steel hinged doors are that they are massively durable and require minimal maintenance. However, we do have an efficient maintenance service should you require it.