Can Security Grilles Be Fitted On Outside Of Property

Yes.  The vast majority of Security Grilles are fitted on the outside of a property and are manufactured to be rust resistant.  As well as the extremely effective benefit of security, quality and aesthetics is not compromised.

How Quickly Can They Be Fitted?

This may depends on the current supply and capacity.  However, it should take approximately between 2-3 weeks for the manufacturing process to begin.  We will always keep you in the loop so you understand the schedule we are working too.

Are They Made-To-Measure?

Yes.  All security grilles are made to measure to fit your exact requirements.  In order for security grilles to be fully functional, it's important for them to fit perfectly and protect the whole width of the doors or entrance space.

Will Maintenance Be Required?

You'll Be glad to know that minimal maintenance will be required once security grilles are fully installed.  This is because they are manufactured to be rust resistant and built for longevity, providing outstanding value for money and security protection.