Emergency Roller Shutter Repairs Burnley

If you're seeking 24/7 emergency roller shutter repairs in Burnley or the surrounding areas?

If so, look no further than UK Doors & Shutters. Whether you're struggling to use or operate your shutters, or there is compromise on security, we are here to help and provide prompt repair solutions. 

UK Doors & Shutters have local engineers based in Burnley which means we are well-equipped to provide a local service. Within just 2-3 hours of your initial call, you can expect your shutters to be working to full operation once again.

Call us directly at 01204 918991 for emergency repair call-outs or use our contact form to book your repair.

We are fully committed to providing the finest emergency roller shutter repair service possible for our customers and clients, and helping them resume to normal as quickly as possible.

As well as offering comprehensive repairs for roller shutters in Burnley, we are also able to offer emergency repairs for the following types of doors;-

•Industrial Doors.

•Steel Doors.

•Sectional Doors.

•Rapid Roll Doors.

•Automatic Doors.

•And Many More!

Roller Shutter Repairs Burnley

Whether you're experiencing issues with opening your shutters, closing them, or they are jammed and causing serious concern to day-to-day business activity, we are here to help. Shutters are designed for longevity but they aren't immune to experiencing repairs which may also include motor failures, misalignment, control system malfunctioning, and much more.

Common faults that we provide emergency roller shutter repair for in Burnley include:

Spring Tension Adjustments: When issues arise with spring tensions, this can cause your shutter(s) to not stay open or closed properly. Fortunately, our engineers can provide emergency spring tension adjustments to address this issue directly.

Misaligned Tracks: Have you noticed that roller shutter tracks are misaligned? If so, this may be due to tracks that have come out of position or damaged. Worry not, our local engineers are here to realign or replace tracks.

Jammed Shutters: Fixing shutters that are stuck in an open or closed position due to mechanical failure, debris obstruction, or misalignment.

24/7 Emergency Roller Shutter Repairs Burnley

Roller shutters are generally reliable, but when the worst happens and you need a prompt repair, who can you rely on? UK Doors & Shutters, of course! 

Over the last decade or so, we've been the saviour of hundreds of steel and aluminium shutters in your area, coming to the rescue to reduce business downtime, and ensure shutters are working to full condition with minimal hassle.

As well as roller shutter repairs, we also provide roller shutter servicing which we recommend at least once annually. This is a legal requirement and also essential to help you prevent costly on-going repairs for your roller shutters. 

For your peace of mind on all repairs, we keep documentation in case you ever need to showcase to local authorities!

Here are a few benefits when you work with UK Doors & Shutters:

  • 24/7 emergency cover

  • Industry-leading equipment

  • Fully-qualified & dedicated engineers

  • FREE quotations

  • Affordable prices

  • Outstanding customer service

Due An Upgrade?

Roller shutter upgrades are also available with UK Doors & Shutters. Upgrades may be necessary and recommended by our team if you have an outdated manual shutter that is causing more issues than upsides. 

For example, you may wish to upgrade from manual to electric to benefit from a more convenient and streamlined option. Moreover, upgrading your shutter to a new shutter also results in you benefit from more robust design and better locking mechanisms.

If your roller shutter(s) are causing your repeat and costly issues, it may be worth considering an upgrade. UK Doors & Shutters upgrade manual roller shutters to electric roller shutters for increased convenience, safety, and security. 

Newer roller shutters also come with advanced security features such as stronger materials, better locking mechanisms, and more robust designs to provide improved protection against break-ins and vandalism

Call Today For Emergency Roller Shutter Repair

If you need an emergency roller shutter repair in Burnley or nearby areas, call us right away on 01204 402585. You can also reach us on our contact form, if your repair can wait, and our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours.